How to Submit Yourself for Modeling Jobs through Email & Social Media

Even though I have several agencies I am signed with, I get myself the most work.  Through talking with other models I have learned that this is a very common theme in the modeling and acting world.  You must market and network yourself for the career you want.  However, since the majority of my experience so far has been in modeling, this post will focus on that.

The modeling industry is one that is obsessed with youth; therefore, there is a lot of immaturity and naivety among a good chunk of the models.  For me, as an older model, this works in my favor.  I have enough experience in the working world to know that people don’t have a lot of time to spend on just me.  Most of the time a client will decide if they want to work with me within the first, and sometimes the second message they receive in our conversation.  This is why a succinct and informative message is a necessity.

I have been surprised at how much praise I receive from the message template I use when I submit myself to jobs via email.  I have been able to work with talented photographers and clients that only work with me because they are pleased with the efficiency and professionalism my emails embody.  People in this business are very busy, and NOBODY likes having their time wasted.  The quickest way to get blackballed by someone is to waste their time.  When submitting for a job, clients are looking for a concise message that is jam packed with the information they need to determine their interest in working with you.  This message needs to show that you know what you are submitting for, where you found the opportunity, your measurements, any type of social media or online portfolio, and that you appreciate their time.

Here is my template that I use:


I am responding to the ad you posted on [wherever you found the opportunity:FB, Craigslist, word of mouth, etc] titled, “[whatever the ad/post/opportunity is titled].”  I am very interested in this opportunity.  Here are my measurements:

Height: 5’10

Bust: 34B

Waist: 26

Hips: 36

Dress/Pant: 4/26

Shoe: 9

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Long

Attached to this email (or message if it’s through social media) are my most recent digitals.  Also, please feel free to check out my Facebook fan page, or online portfolio to see the majority of my work.  Please let me know if you need anymore information from me.  I look forward to hearing back from you, and thank you for your time.


Gretchen Marie

Isabel Digitals Head Shot Isabel Head Profile

Isabel Digital Full Front Isabel Digitals back

I literally send this message out AT LEAST 70 times per week.  And I have had a lot of success with it.  Feel free to use this template or put your own spin on it when submitting yourself to potential clients.  If you are not sure you want pictures of yourself in a bikini sent to everyone you submit to, make sure you have a set of digitals with a form fitting outfit on and heels.

Always remember the philosophy of “think hot = be hot.”  This means that you are what you market yourself as.  And whatever that may be, make sure it’s professional.


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